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Internal waterproof rendering
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Whether you've had a basement conversion/extension which has been tanked and now needs a waterproof render, internal walls which have been treated for damp and re plastered or you're building an extension, internal walls will either need or benefit from a waterproof render.

Our waterproof rendering is a strong ratio of sand and cement incorporating a waterproof additive. This is a render that is often applied following the insertion of a chemical damp proof course.  It is usually applied in two coats above ground level in more milder cases of rising damp.

Are you converting your cellar?

Ward Damp-Proofing can also provide you with a superior water proof tanking system for basement and cellar conversions and excavations. With space at a premium in central London and the rest of the Home Counties, a cellar or basement conversion could be the perfect solution to your need for extra space.
This waterproof render coat can either be applied to 1.2m or 1.5m above ground levels as rising damp should not exceed this height or to full height as this normally leaves a better finish to the walls by providing continuity. 
Our rendering has a vapour permeable re-plastering additive, designed to minimise the passage of liquid water through the pore structure of cement renders, thereby preventing the transfer of salts to the surface.

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