Timber Treatment

Timber treatments
for wood boring insects in London

Timber treatments
Older properties are beautiful but can come with lots and lots of maintenance problems not least wood boring insects, including woodworm. It’s actually the larvae burrowing through the wood and emerging as adults over a period of years which causes the damage. Timbers which have been affected by this will need professional treatment and in some cases replacement to protect their structural (and sometimes load bearing) integrity.

Ward Damp-Proofing provides the following treatment process

Insecticidal treatment is administered assuming the infestation is assessed as active. This treatment penetrates the timber to eliminate the insects at every stage from egg to adult. It’s a highly effective solution and the remedial effects will prevent re-infestation. 
There are many beetles which are capable of attacking timber. The most common of these is the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum), communally called woodworm. The damage caused is often seen as circular holes (1-2mm diameter) affecting timber or furniture. Often confused with damage caused by other beetles, correct identification is essential to determine the correct treatment.

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